Highly Cited Magnetism

Check out some of the highly cited MMM Conference papers that have been published in AIP Advances:

Magnetic hyperthermia performance of magnetite nanoparticle assemblies under different driving fields 
Kai Wu and Jian-Ping Wang

Potential implementation of reservoir computing models based on magnetic skyrmions 
George Bourianoff, Daniele Pinna, Matthias Sitte, and Karin Everschor-Sitte

Structural and magnetic properties of cobalt ferrite nanoparticles synthesized by co-precipitation at increasing temperatures 
C. R. Stein, M. T. S. Bezerra, G. H. A. Holanda, J. André-Filho, and P. C. Morais

Electrical detection of single magnetic skyrmion at room temperature 
Riccardo Tomasello, Marco Ricci, Pietro Burrascano, Vito Puliafito, Mario Carpentieri, and Giovanni Finocchio

Design of high-throughput and low-power true random number generator utilizing perpendicularly magnetized voltage-controlled magnetic tunnel junction 
Hochul Lee, Farbod Ebrahimi, Pedram Khalili Amiri, and Kang L. Wang

Magnetic analysis of commercial hematite, magnetite, and their mixtures 
Mostafa Ahmadzadeh, Camila Romero, and John McCloy 

Coercivity enhancement of Nd-Fe-B hot-deformed magnets by the eutectic grain boundary diffusion process using Nd-Ga-Cu and Nd-Fe-Ga-Cu alloys 
Lihua Liu, H. Sepehri-Amin, T. T. Sasaki, T. Ohkubo, M. Yano, N. Sakuma, A. Kato, T. Shoji, and K. Hono 

Enhancement of ß-phase in PVDF films embedded with ferromagnetic Gd5Si4 nanoparticles for piezoelectric energy harvesting 
Shane Harstad, Noel D’Souza, Navneet Soin, Ahmed A. El-Gendy, Shalabh Gupta, Vitalij K. Pecharsky, Tahir Shah, Elias Siores, and Ravi L. Hadimani

Temperature dependence of the spin Seebeck effect in [Fe3O4/Pt]n multilayers 
R. Ramos, T. Kikkawa, A. Anadón, I. Lucas, K. Uchida, P. A. Algarabel, L. Morellón, M. H. Aguirre, E. Saitoh, and M. R. Ibarra 

Non-volatile spin wave majority gate at the nanoscale 
O. Zografos, S. Dutta,  M. Manfrini, A. Vaysset, B. Sorée, A. Naeemi, P. Raghavan, R. Lauwereins, and I. P. Radu