Editor’s Picks in Magnetism​

Read the latest MMM Conference papers published in AIP Advances that have been selected as particularly noteworthy:

Impact of the magnetic proximity effect in Pt on the total magnetic moment of Pt/Co/Ta trilayers studied by x-ray resonant magnetic reflectivity
Anastasiia Moskaltsova, Jan Krieft, Dominik Graulich, Tristan Matalla-Wagner, and Timo Kuschel

Voltage-controlled superconducting magnetic memory
Ahmed Kenawy, Wim Magnus, Milorad V. Milošević, and Bart Sorée

Design of an erasable spintronics memory based on current-path-dependent field-free spin orbit torque
Haochang Zhou, Chao Wang, Zuwei Li, Zhaohao Wang, Tongxi Liu, Bi Wu, and Weisheng Zhao

Determination of demagnetizing factors using first-order reversal curves and ferromagnetic resonance
K. S. Muster and R. Heindl

Comparing domain wall synapse with other non volatile memory devices for on-chip learning in analog hardware neural network
Divya Kaushik, Utkarsh Singh, Upasana Sahu, Indu Sreedevi, and Debanjan Bhowmik

Spike time dependent plasticity (STDP) enabled learning in spiking neural networks using domain wall based synapses and neurons
Upasana Sahu, Aadit Pandey, Kushaagra Goyal, and Debanjan Bhowmik

Quantum criticality and entropy transfer in spin chains and planes—Pyridine oxide copper salts
Jennifer Trinh, Daniel Schaller, Patrick G. LaBarre, Kevin Schlenker, Joel S. Miller, and Arthur P. Ramirez

Magnetic properties of MBE grown Mn4N on MgO, SiC, GaN and Al2O3 substrates
Zexuan Zhang, Yongjin Cho, Jashan Singhal, Xiang Li, Phillip Dang, Hyunjea Lee, Joseph Casamento, Yongjian Tang, Huili Grace Xing, and Debdeep Jena

Spin Hall angle and spin diffusion length of permalloy
Yi-Hsiang Huang, Yi-Chien Weng, Chi-Te Liang, and J. G. Lin